Self-expression is offered very little these days when it comes to the 'uniforms of everyday life'. After the school days comes the free-spirited uni years then finally onto the classic wardrobe staple, the suit. This will become your go-to uniform for everyday life.

Nothing is more mundane than wearing the same suit, same coloured shirt, and the optional tie to the office every day.

Adding a little personality to your uniform never hurt nobody. Here's a little run down of our top tips

1. Checkmate - Checks are about as inoffensive as patterns come, which makes them an excellent tool for spicing up formalwear if you’re not quite ballsy enough to jump on the floral bandwagon.

2. Separates - There are few better ways to make an impression than with a stand-out, statement jacket. Aside from the obvious merits of taking a simple outfit up a level, the best part is that you can choose how bold you dare to go.

3. Getting Shirty - Patterned, checked or even a fresh colour pop, can totally transform your work attire.

4. Trims - An easy way to bring character and personality to any suit is to opt for textured neckwear. Finish your look with a knitted bow tie to add a subtle tactile edge to your ensemble.