Every Paul Costelloe shirt is crafted from the finest pure cotton to ensure a luxurious and comfortable wear. It is the weave of the fabric that gives each shirt its individual character and affects the feel, drape and how it should be worn.

We've got an overview of the features of some of our key styles and what makes them the right choice for you.


Slim Fit Blue Single Cuff Shirt Slim Fit White Single Cuff Shirt

Poplin fabric is woven into a strong and durable plain weave with a smooth, flat finish making it the ideal cloth for the classic business shirt.

Available in white and blue in both slim and modern fit with a combination of collars and cuffs, we’ve have the perfect poplin shirt for every man.


Modern Fit White Twill Double Cuff Shirt Modern Fit Lilac Twill Double Cuff Shirt

Cotton twill is woven with a diagonal rib texture resulting in a durable fabric with a semi-plain, sophisticated finish that’s perfect for the office.

Available in a choice of white, blue, pink and lilac in our modern fit, the Talbot Twill Shirt is your office wardrobe staple.


Hart Cotton Basketweave Slim-Fit Shirt Richard Cotton Basketweave Shirt

Basketweave cloth is woven with interlacing yarns at right angles to create a distinctive textured square pattern.

The nature of this weave ensures a durable and long lasting fabric. Our slim and modern fit basketweave shirts are perfect for the working wardrobe.


Drury Cotton Dobby Weave Shirt Noble Cotton Dobby Weave Slim-Fit Shirt

Dobby cloth is intricately woven to feature micro patterns including faint stripes and spotted textured patterns.

This sophisticated cloth ensure shirts that are perfect for that special occasion yet understated enough for the office.