So much for summer. Even the coveted 'Indian Summer' was shorter than Ghandi. Those of you who opted for an August staycation were duly rewarded with a few glorious weeks of sunshine; but if you bottled it and went abroad, you missed your chance (no envy at all here!)

Autumn has decided to grace us with its presence and brings breeze and sogginess in abundance; the only positive we can see is the ability to start layering up to keep out the blessed elements. Choosing the right outerwear is imperative here, so we share here with you a top-line overview of our top three Paul Costelloe Man outerwear pieces this season.

Charcoal Smithfield Overcoat

Formal – The Smithfield in black, navy and grey is the ultimate overcoat (perhaps better suited to winter than autumn). Generously cut in a modern block to accommodate your suit underneath, this timeless overcoat is crafted from a wool rich cloth – but the 5% cashmere gives this piece a soft handle but still robust and durable. With a mid-height three button fly front fastening, the Smithfield has been designed finish the look with a bright scarf around your chesticles.

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Navy McIntyre Overcoat

Contemporary – The McIntyre jacket in navy is the perfect outerwear choice for those adopting a smart-casual style. A smarter take on a trusty four pocket jacket, the McIntyre also features two internal pockets, giving you plenty of storage space so you can leave your bag in the office, car boot or left luggage. This 'lighter' shade of navy will go perfectly with those crisp blue suits and indigo jeans that are currently inhabiting your wardrobe.

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Charcoal Chadwick Herringbone Overcoat

Alternative – The Chadwick has been designed with the quirky amongst us in mind. Expertly designed with a deep herringbone weave in charcoal, pronounced peak lapels and black velvet collar – this is a confident yet wearable piece for those seeking something chic yet a little different. Whether workday, weekend or wake, a truly versatile coat will serve you well.

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