Wearing perfectly tailored, quality formalwear makes a man feel as invincible as James Bond. You may feel like a Dinner suit isn't worth your hard-earned money.

As the years go on and the black tie invites flood in, you'll realise after two-three wears it's well worth the money, and who knows you may even get more invites because of it.

Men are accustomed to thinking that formalwear is something you rent, not own. Others assume that it’s too expensive to buy the jacket, pants, waistcoat, tie, cufflinks and studs, but over time picking these bits up as and when you need them is a great investment and will serve you great pleasure in every wear.

The fact is, even if you attend just one, two or three formal events each year, it makes sense to invest in formal wear. Here’s why:

1. Rented formalwear is sewn from cheaper material, won't fit you perfectly and basically isn't yours. Having a few too many sherberts and spilling your beef Bourguignon down your trousers will cause panic and a nice dry cleaning bill.

2. Tuxedos are a great investment as they are a true classic and can be tailored to fit. A one or two button notch lapel was in style 50 years ago and is still now, so in 50 more years, it will still be a true classic.

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